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01 Pilot
Monday Oct 03, 2016
When a scientist and CEO creates a time machine, terrorist Garcia Flynn soon steals it and travels back into the past to alter history to his liking. Homeland Security learns of the theft and recruits a team to travel back after Garcia and stop him. First stop: 1937 and the Hindenburg disaster.
02 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Monday Oct 10, 2016
Flynn's next target is the assassination of Lincoln, and the terrorist plans to make sure that not only Lincoln but the Union's other top officials die. Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus try to stop him but wonder if history might be better served if they save Lincoln as well. Meanwhile, Lucy tries to deal with the repercussions of her life in the new timeline.
03 Atomic City
Monday Oct 17, 2016
The team heads to Las Vegas 1962 to stop Flynn's current mission... once they figure out what it is. Meanwhile, Rufus meets with his old mentor and makes a surprising discovery, and Lucy copes with her fiance in the new timeline.
04 Party at Castle Varlar
Monday Oct 24, 2016
The team heads back to 1944 to stop Flynn from giving his recently-acquired nuclear bomb to the Nazis. However, they soon wonder if he's up to something much more complicated. Meanwhile, Rufus considers his loyalties, and Wyatt gives Lucy advice on dealing with her anxieties in the field.
05 The Alamo
Monday Oct 31, 2016
Flynn's newest attempt to alter history revolves around Santa Anna's attack on the Alamo in 1836. To stop it, the team must help the defenders last long enough to get the civilians to safety. Meanwhile, Wyatt is informed that the current mission will be his last as he is being reassigned.
06 The Watergate Tape
Monday Nov 14, 2016
The team track Flynn to 1972 and discover that he's trying to obtain the missing Nixon tape... where Nixon refers to Rittenhouse. Meanwhile, Flynn reveals that Lucy has been keeping secrets from the teamm, and Rufus is forced to admit that he's been spying for Rittenhouse.
07 Stranded
Monday Nov 21, 2016
Flynn lures the team to 1754 Pennsylvania to strand them in the past. After Rufus leaves a buried message to tell the team in present what to do next, he and the others go to nearby French fort to get what they need to repair their ship.
08 Space Race
Monday Nov 28, 2016
The trio heads to 1963 to stop Flynn from stopping Apollo 11's successful mission. However, Flynn seems more interested in a mysterious side mission. Meanwhile, Rufus confronts his mentor Anthony.
09 Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde
Monday Dec 05, 2016
Following a photo from the warehouse raid, the team travels back to 1934 to discover why Flynn is interested in a particular bank and a necklace key. Wyatt and Lucy end up teaming with Bonnie and Clyde, who are robbing the bank... and Bonnie has the key on her neck. Meanwhile, Denise begins an investigation into Connor.
10 The Capture of Benedict Arnold
Monday Dec 12, 2016
The team trace Flynn to 1780 and discover that he plans to use Benedict Arnold to get to Rittenhouse... and kill him. Now the trio must decide whether they will help Flynn or hinder him.
11 The World's Columbian Exposition
Monday Jan 16, 2017
Lucy's situation grows desperate after she's taken captive by Flynn and brought to the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. In their dogged pursuit of Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus fall into a sinister trap.
12 The Murder Of Jesse James
Monday Jan 23, 2017
Flynn teams up with legendary outlaw, Jesse James. Together they cut a bloody swath across the American frontier. Hot on Flynn's trail, Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus enlist the help of an iconic Marshal to help bring the fugitives to justice.
13 Karma Chameleon
Monday Jan 30, 2017
Wyatt convinces Rufus to steal the Lifeboat for an unauthorized mission to prevent Wyatt's wife's killer from ever being born. Lucy must cover for them in the present, as Agent Christopher discovers the ship is missing and Anthony Bruhl makes an alarming confession.
14 Episode 14
Monday Feb 06, 2017
15 Episode 15
Monday Feb 13, 2017
16 Episode 16
Monday Feb 20, 2017

Timeless 1

IMDb 7.6 60 min/episode
An unlikely trio travel through time in order to battle unknown criminals and protect history as we know it.
Drama, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action
Matt Lanter, Abigail Spencer, Paterson Joseph, John Getz, Goran Visnjic, Malcolm Barrett, Sakina Jaffrey, Claudia Doumit
Eric Kripke,Shawn Ryan
United States
7.4 / 867 times
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