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1 The New Man
Sunday Oct 01, 2017
Captain Joe Martin arrives in Aden with his wife Honor to replace the outgoing and much-loved Captain Nick Page of the Royal Military Police.
2 Starfish
Sunday Oct 08, 2017
Led by Major Harry Markham, the Royal Military Police assist special forces on a dangerous mission. Mary Markham experiences complications with her baby's birth, and Alison Laithwaite introduces Honor to the BP Club.
3 Above Thy Deep and Dreamless Sleep
Sunday Oct 15, 2017
Captain Joe Martin meets with American journalist Martha Franklin to demand that she hand over incriminating evidence. Christmas celebrations at the Royal Military Police base are cut short by a shocking discovery.
4 The CO's Boy
Sunday Oct 22, 2017
The RMP begin their desperate search. Tilbrook takes Markham to visit an important prisoner. Alison feels that she cannot go on with her pregnancy, and confides in Honor about her affair. Ed receives intelligence that leads him into danger.
5 Precious Cargo
Sunday Oct 29, 2017
The NLF demand a swap. Alison watches over Ed, conflicted about their marriage. Honor confronts Martha. Yusra gets a coded message to Armstrong. Joe disobeys orders.
6 Episode 6
Sunday Nov 05, 2017
Joe's future in the army hangs in the balance. Armstrong fears for Yusra's safety. Honor is devastated by Joe's secret past. Markham struggles between duty and his own moral compass.

The Last Post

IMDb 6.3 60 min/episode
Aden 1965. This is the story of a British army unit fighting a Yemeni insurgency in the Middle East and the women and children who were there with them.
Stephen Campbell Moore, Essie Davis, Ben Miles, Richard Dillane, Jeremy Neumark Jones, Jessie Buckley, Toby Woolf, Amanda Drew
United Kingdom
6.4 / 65 times
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