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Episode 02 will come in Apr 05, 2017 - today
01 Mr. First Lady
Wednesday Mar 29, 2017
After years toiling away writing on a children's cartoon, Larry, Rachel and Hugh finally get a chance to pitch their film script "Mr. First Lady'' at Paramount.
02 The Rat, the Cheese and the Trap
Wednesday Apr 05, 2017
After lying about Melissa McCarthy's involvement with "Mr. First Lady,'' Larry, Rachel and Hugh's careers are threatened; in trying to patch things up with Melissa, they dig themselves deeper with her husband, Ben.
03 Seeing Someone
Wednesday Apr 12, 2017
As Larry tries to get a secret side project going with Ben, Hugh and Rachel have a secret of their own; group distrust leads to group therapy.
04 Call My Agent
Wednesday Apr 19, 2017
With Ben and Melissa now on board with "Mr. First Lady,'' Larry, Rachel and Hugh have a meeting with Melissa's producing partner, Howard Lang.
05 Not the Emmys
Wednesday Apr 26, 2017
Larry, Rachel and Hugh are going to the Annies, while all their Groundlings friends are going to the Emmys.
06 Too Much of a Good Thing
Wednesday May 03, 2017
Unsure of Melissa's commitment to "Mr. First Lady,'' Larry, Rachel and Hugh are thrilled when Kristen Bell enters the picture.
07 Heavy Heart, Heavy Hands
Wednesday May 10, 2017
With Ben and Melissa furious at them, Larry, Rachel and Hugh try to make amends by surprising them with a personal gift; Hugh reconnects with an old friend: Sam.
08 The Gilded Cage
Wednesday May 17, 2017
Hugh's romance with Sam heats up, which annoys Rachel but intrigues Larry, when he discovers that Sam is a successful film producer.
09 Devil in a Red Dress
Wednesday May 24, 2017
10 The Pledge
Wednesday May 31, 2017
11 Paul's Muse
Wednesday Jun 14, 2017
Larry, Rachel and Hugh's excitement to finally meet the acclaimed comedy film director Paul Skidmore turns into horror when he brings along his muse: Melissa McCarthy.
12 Bring Out the Champagne
Wednesday Jun 21, 2017
Larry, Rachel and Hugh might finally get their chance to celebrate when "Mr. First Lady'' receives the green light.


IMDb 4.9 30 min/episode
A group of friends work together on a children's show.
Leslie Bibb, Rachel Ramras, Ben Falcone, Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Pat Devine, Brendan Jennings, Stella Edwards
Hugh Davidson,Larry Dorf,Rachel Ramras
United States
5.4 / 7 times
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