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01 Crazy, Crazy Cards and Silly Silhouettes
Friday Jun 30, 2017
Featured magicians: Nathan Burton, Jibrizy, Joshua Jay, Farrell Dillon, Billy Kidd, Bill Cook, and Xavier Mortimer.
02 Turbo Tech Magic and Card Connection
Friday Jun 30, 2017
Featured magicians: Jason Bird, Sos Petrosyan, Leon Etienne, Chipper Lowell, Jason Bishop, and Tony Chapek.
03 Manipulation, Transformation and Two Impalers
Friday Jul 07, 2017
Featured magicians: Barry & Stuart, Eric Jones, Murray SawChuck, Jonathan Pendragon, Chris Randall, and Neil Croswell.
04 Maximum Separation and Chipper's Chipper
Friday Jul 07, 2017
Featured magicians: Xavier Mortimer, Chipper Lowell, Billy Kidd, Bill Cook, Matt Marcy, and Greg Gleason & Farrel Dillon.
05 Technological Beverages and Rapid-Fire Cards
Friday Jul 14, 2017
06 Warped, Wacky and Weird
Friday Jul 21, 2017
Featured magicians: Jason Bishop, Barry & Stuart, Ed Alonzo, Nathan Burton, Farrell Dillon, Shawn Farquhar, and Les Arnold & Dazzle.
07 Dancing Broomstick, Fast Coins, and One Giant Buzzsaw
Friday Jul 28, 2017
Featured magicians: Billy Kidd, Xavier Mortimer, Jarrett & Raja, Nathan Burton, Chris Korn, Leon Etienne, and Greg Gleason.
08 From the Exotic to Defying the Law of Physics
Friday Aug 04, 2017
Featured magicians: Ed Alonzo, Barry & Stuart, Joshua Jay, Jeff McBride, Murray SawChuck, Chris Randall, and Jonathan Pendragon.
09 Spiked Table and Spiked Faces
Friday Aug 11, 2017
Featured magicians: Farrell Dillion, Barry & Stuart, Jonathan Pendragon, Draven, Naathan Phan, Adam Wylie, Eric Jones, Jibrizy, and Greg Gleason.
10 Mirror Mirror and Money Movers
Friday Aug 18, 2017
Featured magicians: Xavier Mortimer, Scott Pepper, Chris Randall, Joshua Jay, Murray SawChuck, Billy Kidd, and Greg Gleason.

Masters of Illusion 4

IMDb 4.4 na min/episode
Some of the world's top magicians perform their best illusions in front of a live audience, without assistance from camera or computer gimmickry.
Dean Cain, Michael Grandinetti, Jonathan Pendragon, Murray SawChuck, Alice Aoki
7.9 / 18 times
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