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01 Pilot
Wednesday Aug 16, 2017
Exes Marlon and Ashley try a friendly divorce for their children's sake, but things get tricky when Ashley decides to date again. In other events, Marlon struggles to keep a sponsor for his online channel, “The Marlon Way.”
02 Cleaning Out the Closet
Wednesday Aug 16, 2017
Ashley is shocked to learn that Marlon has a storage unit crammed full of things from when they were married and challenges him to have a yard sale to part with it all.
03 Boys Only Want One Thing
Wednesday Aug 23, 2017
Marlon struggles to come to terms with his daughter bringing home a boy for the first time. Yvette uses Stevie to get great seats to a Beyoncé concert.
04 Exes With Benefits
Wednesday Aug 23, 2017
Marlon and Ashley contemplate whether to have no strings attached 'ex-sex.' Yvette babysits Marley and Zack.
05 Project Kids
Wednesday Aug 30, 2017
Feeling that Marley and Zack don't appreciate everything they have, Marlon teaches them a lesson by recreating the projects from his childhood.
06 Surprises
Wednesday Aug 30, 2017
Marlon is stunned to learn that Ashley is treating herself to breast augmentation surgery for her birthday, her first since their divorce. In other events, Stevie tries to guess Yvette's age.
07 Hospital Party
Wednesday Sep 06, 2017
Marlon and Ashley have very different ways of coping when Zack needs surgery.
08 Coach Marlon
Wednesday Sep 06, 2017
Marlon's lack of boundaries leads Ashley to ask for his key to her house back; and Marlon coaches Zack's basketball team.
09 Appropriate Marlon
Wednesday Sep 13, 2017
Marlon believes he can act appropriately to help Ashley get into an exclusive social club that prefers couples; and Yvette is shocked to learn that Stevie fits in perfectly among the bourgeois clientele at the club.
10 End of the Road
Wednesday Sep 13, 2017
In the Season 1 finale, the first wedding anniversary since their divorce leads Marlon and Ashley to rehash the details of their first date. They each have very different recollections of how it went down.


IMDb 6.6 22 min/episode
A loving (but immature) father with a larger-than-life personality is committed to co-parenting his two kids with his very-together ex-wife but for Marlon family really always does come first - even if he's the biggest kid of all.
Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins, Bresha Webb, Amir ONeil, Notlim Taylor, Diallo Riddle
Christopher Moynihan,Marlon Wayans
United States
7.0 / 400 times
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