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01 Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Wants Revenge
Friday Oct 13, 2017
Rebecca, abandoned at the altar by her obsession, Josh, works to plot her revenge with the help of Paula, Heather and Valencia. It might be a bit tough to figure out, since he ran off the day of the wedding to become a priest. Meanwhile, White Josh and Darryl have some problems to work on and Paula and Scott confront some unusual issues in their marriage.
02 To Josh, With Love
Friday Oct 20, 2017
Rebecca, unsatisfied with Paula's ideas to build a case against Josh, turns to Nathaniel for help crafting a truly evil plan. Meanwhile, Josh finds becoming a priest is harder than he thought.
03 Josh Is a Liar
Friday Oct 27, 2017
After encountering a major setback in her plan to get even with Josh, a panicked Rebecca starts a smear campaign to discredit Josh before he can turn everyone against her.
04 Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend is Crazy
Friday Nov 03, 2017
Rebecca takes her quest for revenge to the next level as her friends unite to try and help her.
05 I Never Want to See Josh Again
Friday Nov 10, 2017
Rebecca goes home to Westchester where she draws closer to her mother (Tovah Feldshuh) and tries to find a way forward. The friends and co-workers she left behind, including Paula and Nathaniel, struggle with their emotions regarding her departure.
06 Josh Is Irrelevant
Friday Nov 17, 2017
Rebecca tries to come to grips with her new life and some new information about herself.
07 Getting Over Jeff
Friday Dec 08, 2017
Rebecca continues her road to wellness while Paula comes to terms with her roots.
08 Nathaniel Needs My Help!
Friday Jan 05, 2018
Rebecca wonders if history is repeating itself as Darryl embraces a newfound superpower and Paula schemes again, this time for good.
09 Nathaniel Gets the Message!
Friday Jan 12, 2018
Rebecca discovers the powers and limitations of altruism as a new, unexpected bromance forms between two other characters.
10 Oh Nathaniel, It’s On!
Friday Jan 26, 2018
Rebecca navigates major changes in her professional life and Heather gets a new opportunity.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 3

IMDb 7.7 42 min/episode
To most looking in, Rebecca Bunch has a great life: a high powered job as an attorney in a prestigious New York law firm, great future prospects in her chosen profession, looks, brains, and money. But she has always suffered from anxiety and depression, for which she is on a plethora of pills. Those maladies are largely from being pushed by her overbearing Jewish mother, which also led to Rebecca's father abandoning the family when she was young. When on the streets of New York Rebecca runs into Josh Chan, her boyfriend from summer camp ten years ago when they were sixteen, she remembers back to that time as the happiest time in her life, happiness which eludes her. When Josh mentions that he is imminently moving back to his hometown of West Covina, California, Rebecca decides to pursue happiness in moving to West Covina herself, telling people it's because she got a fabulous job there, where in reality it's to rekindle a relationship with Josh, which she believes is what will make ...
Rachel Bloom, Vincent Rodriguez Iii, Donna Lynne Champlin, Santino Fontana, Pete Gardner, Vella Lovell, Gabrielle Ruiz, David Hull
Rachel Bloom,Aline Brosh McKenna
United States
6.1 / 232 times
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