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1 Revival
Wednesday Jun 28, 2017
The CA attack on the Zone kills Koen and captures the residents, but a new Hairy soon rescues them. Meanwhile, Koen's powers bring him back to life, and he and Aunty try to help the escaped Zone residents. A new minister takes over after Matthews' death, and has her own plans for the Hairies.
2 Bindawu
Wednesday Jul 05, 2017
Waruu takes steps to conceal his mutation from the government once the new genetic scanners are implemented. Meanwhile, Charlotte begins to suspect what Jarrod has done to her, and Koen meets a familiar face from his past.
3 Dark Clouds
Wednesday Jul 12, 2017
Waruu seeks for a way to kill Koen once and for all despite his Cleverman powers. Meanwhile, Araluen finds Boondee with Audie's help, and Koen learns the truth about the death of his parents.
4 Muya
Wednesday Jul 19, 2017
Koen confronts Aunty with the truth about his parents' death, and must forgive the unforgivable. Meanwhile, Marion begins to suspect what is happening to Waruu, and the clan decides what to do with Charlotte and her unborn Hairy child.
5 Skin
Wednesday Jul 26, 2017
Koen strikes back at the CA and Waruu ignores his half-brother's warning. Meanwhile, Boondee is reunited with his daughter, and Charlotte convinces the tribe to let her go back and convince Jarrod to stop his operation.
6 Borrowed Time
Wednesday Aug 02, 2017
Waruu orders mandatory Inclusion of all Hairies. Meanwhile, Jarli goes into the city to demand his people's land, and Koen finally masters his powers... only to face his half-brother in mortal combat.

Cleverman 2

IMDb 6.4 50 min/episode
In the very near future, creatures from ancient mythology must live among humans and battle for survival in a world that wants to silence, exploit and destroy them.
Drama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Ryan Corr, Iain Glen, Frances Oconnor, Tysan Towney, Hunter Page Lochard, Rob Collins, Deborah Mailman, Jada Alberts
Ryan Griffen,Jon Bell,Jonathan Gavin
United States, New Zealand, Australia
7.6 / 67 times
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