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01 Own Worst Enemy
Sunday Oct 08, 2017
Four years later and we pick up the lives of the Bligh family's Anzac Day, 1958. Sarah comes into conflict with the hierarchy at the hospital over the misdiagnosis of an indigenous man, and challenges George over what religion David should be raised in.
02 Fallout
Sunday Oct 15, 2017
Sarah and George continue their difficult conversation about religion. Anna is sabotaging her writing career yet again while dealing with the attentions of her publisher.
03 All That Glitters
Sunday Oct 22, 2017
Two months have passed. George meets with a rabbi in the city to discuss the process of conversion. Carolyn clocks Jack's reluctance to change but busies herself advocating for Frank's art.
04 The Edge of Reason
Sunday Oct 29, 2017
Regina reveals that Sir Richard is hell bent on ruining the Bligh family. Sarah decides to accompany George to Canberra.
05 Do Not Go Gently
Sunday Nov 05, 2017
Jack and Henry butt heads about informing Douglas of his prognosis. In Canberra, Sarah attends a political function and experiences a post traumatic stress episode.
06 Demons of the Dark
Sunday Nov 12, 2017
Sarah is plunged into a dark place and must confront the demons of her past. Larry is taught a valuable lesson and is redeemed. Anna and Carolyn realise that Regina may deserve their trust.
07 The Anatomy of His Passing
Sunday Nov 19, 2017
One month later, in the midst of the family's grief, George must deal with a rabid Sir Richard keen on finding out George's decision regarding the upcoming federal election.
08 Episode 8
Sunday Nov 26, 2017
09 Episode 9
Sunday Dec 03, 2017
10 Episode 10
Wednesday unknown
11 Episode 11
Wednesday unknown
12 Episode 12
Wednesday unknown

A Place to Call Home 5

IMDb 8.3 60 min/episode
1953. After 20 years living in Europe, Sarah Adams returns to Australia. While working as a nurse on the ocean voyage home, Sarah meets the influential and wealthy Bligh family and discovers a scandalous family secret. In Sydney, Sarah finds her estranged mother still unwilling to forgive her perceived "sin" of converting to Judaism. With no other prospects, Sarah takes up George Bligh's offer of a job in the Inverness hospital, much to the disapproval of George's overbearing mother, Elizabeth.
Marta Dusseldorp, Arianwen Parkes Lockwood, Noni Hazlehurst, Craig Hall, Brett Climo, David Berry, Abby Earl, Aldo Mignone
5.5 / 51 times
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